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Abruzzo Bike to Coast. 134 km of cycle path between the sea and the hills and wonderful scenery

When it will be completed (hopefully very soon), it will be a 134 km long cycle path that will pass through 19 coastal towns in the Abruzzo region. The first half of the route is very linear and the second one which will cross the most varied Costa dei Trabocchi. At various points it will connect with other routes directed towards the Abruzzo hinterland.

The project – which we are sure will be a real watershed for the tourism development of this part of Abruzzo – has already won the Oscar for cycling tourism for 2020 and will be the longest cycle path in Italy, as well as being one of the most beautiful since landscape and naturalistic point of view.

In fact, the Bike to Coast cycle path can be considered unique in its kind. In its kilometers of route it will allow cyclists to cross very interesting stretches of coast (wild or served beaches, sandy or pebbly or mixed with pebbles, in addition to the famous Trabocchi) and on the other side the hills with vineyards, olive groves and trees fruit.

On the official Tourism in Abruzzo website (abruzzoturismo.it/tour) it is already possible to download the maps of cycle routes in GPX. In addition, there are already several cycling tour agencies active in the area and the tourist-accommodation facilities are already preparing for the reception and it is already possible to know the list on Abruzzo Bike Friendly” made available by the Tourism Department of the Region. So we hope that this 2020 will give us the opportunity to fully travel this cycle path which will certainly be among the most beautiful in the world.

Roberto De Ficis

foto ANSA

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