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Abruzzo, Molise and Umbria. Three magical places where Water, Peace and Relax will be your travel friends

Water is a source of well-being and, often, places such as rivers and lakes are chosen precisely to recharge your batteries and to relax.

In this short article we have selected some places between Abruzzo, Umbria and Molise characterized by the slow flow of water and that we recommend you include in the program of your next trip to this beautiful Italian region.

The first place we recommend is located in Molise and are the Sorgenti del Volturno. It is a bucolic landscape that accompanies you to the humid area where the cool and crystalline waters flow from under the mountain, generating the typical sound of slow flowing water.

Foto di Roberto De Ficis

The sources of the Volturno river, whose waters are clear, particularly rich in trout and the destination of many river fishing lovers. Here you can enjoy nature and silence immersed in a typical Molise landscape, among fruit trees, farms and grazing animals.

Do not forget, nearby, to visit the village of Cerro al Volturno with its castle, the remains of the Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno, the village of Castel San Vincenzo with its emerald-turquoise lake.

If you like you can also know an itinerary between Abruzzo and Molise. Borgo di Barrea, Castel San Vincenzo and Sorgenti del Volturno.

Umbria. Fonti del Clitunno, dove la natura si trasforma in Poesia e Benessere per l'anima
Photo Maria Lucia Sforza

The second place we invite you to visit is located in Umbria are the Fonti del Clitunno. The Fonti del Clitunno is a naturalistic park that can be reached along the Via Flaminia, between Spoleto and Foligno, and belongs to the municipality of Campello sul Clitunno.

The Fonti del Clitunno are characterized by the presence of fauna such as ducks, swans and other aquatic animals. Its waters are famous for the shades of color between the emerald green, turquoise, yellow and blue they acquire.

The Fonti del Clitunno are perfectly embedded in a habitat made of streams of water, small waterfalls, well-marked paths, bridges and little bridges with rich and important vegetation such as the cypress poplars that often are reflected in the water.

It is certainly a place that can stimulate relax and well-being of the soul. For more information and to organize your visit you can see this link www.fontidelclitunno.it

During a visit to the Fonti del Clitunno, don’t forget to also visit Rasiglia, Spello, the Hermitage of Santa Maria in Giacobbe, the Menotre waterfalls, Bevagna.

If you like, here you can learn about some itineraries that include the sources of Clitunno:

The third and last place you should visit if you like relaxation generated by the waters is in Abruzzo and is the Ortucchio lake. The lake is surrounded by the municipal park of the town of Ortucchio, and is the only remnant of the ancient Fucino lake, located on the outskirts of the town.

Lago di Ortucchio. Foto di Claudio Parente

This small body of water, wonderful during all seasons, really manages to give you peace and tranquility thanks to its calm waters and the birds that decide to perch on the banks and swim on its waters.

Nearby you can also visit the Piccolomini castle of Ortucchio, Celano and its Gorges, Aielli and the village of murals, the Abruzzo National Park and its villages such as Opi, Pescasseroli, Barrea and Villetta Barrea.

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