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Campania. Have you ever been to Roscigno Vecchia, the ghost village of Cilento?

Cilento is a wonderful area that deserves more than one visit. Surely in one of these, we suggest you to visit Roscigno Vecchia, one of the most beautiful ghost towns in Italy with stone streets and ruins, alleys, little squares where you will see the vegetation that has appropriated the spaces.

Roscigno Vecchia rests quietly in the middle of the Cilento National Park and since the beginning of the 1900s it has seen its population abandon their houses due to civil engineering orders that forced them to relocate to areas safer from landslides and landslides: the current Roscigno Nuova.

The origin of the housing complex of Roscigno Vecchia dates back to the period when transhumance was very developed in this area, at the strategic meeting point between the Calore river and the Ripiti stream.

After years of complete forgetfulness, the ghost village was rediscovered in the 1980s thanks to the tourists who ventured there and journalists who began to tell about it. So the Pro Loco and the Museum of Rural Life was born with the aim of keeping interest in this place alive and allowing you to rediscover what were the rural origins of these small inland towns such as Roscigno Vecchia.

In reality, the village of Roscigno Vecchia is not completely abandoned. In fact, right here lives Giuseppe Spagnuolo, the caretaker, who usually with pleasure tells the fascinating and timeless history of the village. Completely of this rediscovery, in 1998, the village of Roscigno Vecchia entered the list of UNESCO heritage sites.

What to see during a visit in the ghost village of Roscigno Vecchia?

The Museum of Rural Life, the Church of San Nicola di Bari, the Fountain, the Washhouse, the Archaeological Area of ​​Monte Pruno, the Antiquarium Roscigno Nuova.

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