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[guide] How to clean a pumpkin and cut it quickly and easily?

With this short guide, you will learn how to clean a pumpkin and cut it easily to make it perfect for your recipes. Don’t worry, the less easy part is only the one concerning the skin which is very hard and thick, but otherwise it will be a breeze. You will also know a little trick that will allow you to do everything quickly and without problems.

How to clean a pumpkin in a few steps

  1. Wash the pumpkin: wash it well under running water and if necessary, use a cloth to remove the parts where there will be more soil.
  2. Cut it into two parts: here you need a good long-bladed knife. Score the upper part near the petiole, i.e. where the skin is thinner and softer. Insert the blade and bring it down vertically towards the base of the pumpkin. Repeat the same movement on the other side as well. Thus you will have obtained the pumpkin perfectly divided into two equal parts.
  3. Divide it into wedges. Take one of the two halves, cut it into four wedges and at this time it will be easier to remove the internal seeds as well. Repeat the same operation for the other half as well.
  4. Peel it: at this point with a good knife you can remove the peel from each clove
  5. Cut the pulp: depending on the use you will have to make, cut the pulp into cubes or slices.

Now the trick we mentioned to you

Do you know that if you spend a few minutes in the microwave it will be easier to peel it? For a small pumpkin 3 minutes in the microwave at maximum speed are enough and for a larger one we advise you to cut it into two parts and microwave them for a maximum of 2 minutes, always at maximum speed. Now it’s your turn, you will prepare a really good pumpkin!

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