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Have you already held your breath on the Claviere Tibetan Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world? Timetables, prices and how to book

The Claviere Tibetan Bridge (of the Gorge di San Gervasio, Cesana Claviere) in Piedmont is the longest suspension bridge in the world, 544 meters, at a height of about 30 meters from the ground. The path that crosses the Gorge of San Gervasio consists of the succession of three cable bridges.

The route begins with the first bridge (70 m) which crosses the Gorgia perpendicular to its course, and then joins the main bridge, which from this point onwards follows the course of the Gorge di San Gervasio in a longitudinal direction at a height of 30 meters. (from www.pontetibetano.net)

How long does it take to cross the bridge?

Average travel time 1.30 h. As an alternative to the path, it is possible to reach the third bridge along the “via ferrata”. Average total travel time 2.30 h.

How much does it cost to cross the Claviere Tibetan Bridge?

  • ADULTS € 15, Price consisting of: € 10 for admission + € 5 for the rental of mandatory equipment (harness, helmet, via ferrata kit with dissipator). From 14 years old.
  • CHILDREN € 10, Price consisting of: € 5 for admission + € 5 for the rental of mandatory equipment (harness, helmet, via ferrata kit with heat sink). Minimum height 120cm. From 6 to 14 years. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • EQUIPMENT RENTAL for the Bunker via ferrata 5 €. Compulsory complete equipment: harness, helmet, via ferrata kit with dissipator and lanyard with two carabiners

Photo taken from the site www.pontetibetano.net where you can also know how to book. Join Viaggiando Italia to see more photos and to send yours.

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