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How to visit the Coppedè district? Find out where it is

How to visit the Coppedè district in Rome? If you are a lover of Art Nouveau architecture and strange and particular places, then if you visit Rome you really cannot miss the Coppedè district. The Coppedè district is one of the many strange places in the capital.

It is not located in the “noisy” historic center but in the North Rome area and manages to enchant the curious who come here thanks to its Art Nouveau architecture. It is called Coppedè because of the architect who started the project in 1915 but left it unfinished in 1927.

The Coppedè district in the cinema

The Coppedè district has definitely captivated the horror director Dario Argento who used it as the location of two of his most famous feature films: “Inferno” and “The bird with the crystal feathers”, but also scenes from other films were shot here like “The perfume of the lady in black” by Francesco Barilli, “Last tango in Zagarolo” by Nando Cicero and “Audace shot of the usual unknown” by Nanni Loy with Vittorio Gassman.

What can be considered the entrance to the Coppedè district?

There is no real entrance, but a monumental arch is taken as a reference located in via Dora, characterized by a large chandelier, which unites the two buildings known as “of the ambassadors”.

Is it possible to take a guided tour?

Of course, it is necessary to contact one of the various tourist agencies or authorized guides who organize guided tours within the neighborhood and which will allow you to discover, even more, its secrets and peculiarities.

How do you get to the Coppedè district?

Si può raggiungere il Quartiere Coppedé anche usando i mezzi pubblici. In questo caso è necessario arrivare in Via Tagliamento oppure Piazza Mincio. Sul sito ufficiale dell’Atac Roma è possibile conoscere quali linee di tram e bus effettuano questo servizio.

Photo Roberto De Ficis

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