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In Pacentro the Marlurita’s house. A “magical” fresco of Abruzzo peasant culture

Marlurita’s “museum” house is truly a very special place. In fact, right between these humble walls of a house in the historic center of the town of Pacentro in Abruzzo, lived until the 1970s Mrs. Maria Loreta Pacella known as “Marlurita Chiàchiò” born in 1890.

Marlurita was well known in the village because she was said to have healing abilities and was aware of “magic” formulas and recipes to heal villagers who had been hit by the evil eye, as well as treating toothache with strange (but effective according to the villagers) metallic objects and the addition of magical phrases.

The peculiarity of this house, which can still be visited today, is that it has remained as Mrs Marlurita left it in 1978. It had no drinking water and was lit only by a small light bulb. He had no heating, but he used the large fireplace placed in the corner of the room with which he also cooked poor peasant soups. 

Right around the hearth she used to welcome people who came to her to be treated, as well as to do small jobs such as knitting sweaters and socks, shelling corn or sorting beans.

Marlurita’s house is always open in summer, it is possible to visit it at any time of the day.

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Photo by Giuseppe M Loreta Blasioli. Join Viaggiando Abruzzo (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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casa di marlurita
Foto di Giuseppe M Loreta Blasioli
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