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On foot from Agerola to Positano: here is the Wonderful “Sentiero degli Dei” (Path of the Gods)

According to legend, it is here that the Greek gods passed to save Ulysses from the sirens who were on the island of Li Galli. Hence the name “Sentiero degli Dei” (Path of the Gods).

The path connects Agerola to Nocelle, a fraction of Positano on Monte Pertuso, is 7.8 km long and lasts about 4 hours. For centuries it was the only road that connected the villages of the Amalfi Coast.

It is possible to follow two different paths: the “Sentiero Alto” (High Path) and the “Sentiero Basso” (Low Path). The  “Sentiero Alto” (High Path) is the most difficult one. The trek starts from 633 meters in Bomerano and climbs up to 659 meters in Santa Maria del Castello and 1079 meters in Capo Muro.

The “Sentiero Basso” (Low Path), on the other hand, is mostly downhill and certainly suitable for those who are not trained. It is simple to walk and definitely more suggestive, you will meet along the way enchanting and particular places such as the Grotta del Biscotto and Colle Serra where there is an epigraph dedicated to Ettore Paduano the hiker who discovered the path and dedicated his life now.

How to reach the “Sentiero degli Dei” (Path of the Gods)?

The path can be reached by public transport from Naples, Amalfi and Castellamare di Stabia. The maintenance of the path is entrusted to CAI volunteers and local associations that organize walks and trekking to discover this corner of paradise.

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