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Ponza in Italy, 8 Things to Do in the hidden island of Pontine’s archipelago

Ponza Island, in Italy, differently from Capri island or the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily, is less known and less touristic and this is one the best things about this place. When you visit it you will feel a refreshingly local charm and laid-back attitude. Ponza introduces herself with jewel-toned waters, dramatic landscapes and plenty of nautical activities to boot, the islands are a perfect place to indulge your summer daydreams..

Ponza is the largest island of the Pontine’s archipelago and it has a volcanic origin. Here you can find many archaeological ruins from the Etruscan and Roman ages merged with a lively atmosphere and plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy after spending a day out on the water. The most famous and gorgeous beach is Chiaia di Luna with its particolare crescent-shaped and it cans be enjoyed only arriving from the sea.

Why you should visit Ponza Island in Italy?

Excluding July and August, when Ponza is attacked by Italian and foreign tourists, during the rest of the year the largest of the Pontine islands lives as placid and peaceful as a small Mediterranean paradise. Island of great seafood cuisine and excellent wines, it especially attracts lovers of the sun and the crystal clear sea. It is not an easy island to get around, because most of the coves can only be reached by boat but it is worth it.

Ponza preserves a series of Roman structures ranging from the port to the imperial villas, from swimming pools to fish ponds and the Bourbon intervention is also visible throughout the island.

We suggest 8 things to do absolutely during a visit to the island of Ponza

  1. The Bourbon Port of Ponza
  2. The Caves of Pilate in Ponza
  3. The Beaches of Ponza
  4. The Tour of the Island of Ponza
  5. The Caves of Ponza
  6. The Church of Santi Silverio and Domitilla
  7. Ethnographic Museum of Ponza
  8. The Ponza Botanical Garden
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