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Relax and Health. Here are the free spas where you can relax in Italy

Are there free spas where you can relax in Italy? Part of the Italian territory is rich in spa areas, some of which are free to access, therefore totally free (but sometimes a small entrance fee is required to keep them clean, clean and keep them open). In this short list, divided by region, all the free spas you can visit in Italy



Lazio, Viterbo

  • Terme libere delle Masse di San Sisto
  • Terme del Bullicame
  • Terme del Bagnaccio
  • Piscine Carletti

Campania, Ischia

  • Sorgeto
  • Fumarole


  • Grotta delle Ninfe (Terme di Cerchiara)
  • Terme di Caronte


  • Terme di Vulcano
  • Polle del Crimiso (Terme libere di Segesta)

Foto of Bagni San Filippo by Udo Schröter – Flickr

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