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The 6 Perfect Places to relax in Abruzzo. And which ones would you add?

Do you want to relax in Abruzzo? The one we present in this article is certainly not an exhaustive list, since there are many places in Abruzzo that allow you to rest, relax and enjoy nature in silence and peace.

We have collected 4 places that, in our opinion, allow you to find the right conditions to relax, perhaps after a year of work, a week of office and traffic.

These are villages, lakes and beaches that we highly recommend you visit during your holiday in Abruzzo.

Rest on the shores of Lake Scanno, perhaps after a lunch of typical cuisine or after the excursion on the Sentiero del Cuore (Path of the Heart). Relax on the shores of the lake amidst the song of birds and the coolness of the shade.

Lago di Scanno. Profumo di primavera sulle rive, acque smeraldo, erba verdissima
Photo Marianna Mancini

Or place your umbrella in the wonderful Libertini Beach, located in the regional nature reserve of Punta Aderci, in Vasto. Take a bath in the transparent water or take a walk to the promontory of Punta Aderci. Play some relaxing music and let the sound of the sea do the rest.

Foto di Davide Meola

If you are dedicating yourself to discover Abruzzo mountains and you are in the vicinity of Caramanico, we advise you to “stretch” to the fabulous village of Roccacaramanico (which is part of the territory of Sant’Eufemia a Maiella). Here you will discover a well-preserved and silent village. Maybe, after taking the typical photo of the “laughing church” at the top of the town, relax in the piazzetta (little square) overlooking Mount Morrone, perhaps enjoying a craft beer made in Abruzzo.

Foto di Annagrazia Ruscitti

If you love open spaces, trees and lakes, we recommend that you find your place along the shores of the Montagna Spaccata lake which is located a few kilometers from the village of Alfedena. Perhaps he arrives here after taking an excursion in the Abruzzo National Park, such as at Camosciara for example, along the Sentiero delle Cascate (Path of the Waterfalls). Lie on the lawn overlooking the lake, have a snack and enjoy nature.

Dove si trova e come fare per visitare il Lago della Montagna Spaccata_ 2
Photo Roberto De Ficis

As we told you at the beginning of the article, these are just a small selection of the places in Abruzzo to visit that allow you to relax and rest. Follow our page Viaggiando Abruzzo to learn about other places you might like.

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