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The Porticoes of Bologna become a Unesco World Heritage Site. Find out the details

The marvelous Porticoes of Bologna – a marvelous 62-kilometer system that plow the length and breadth of the city – become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the announcement made by the organization itself.

“With this recognition, Italy obtains the third site in this UNESCO session”, comments Undersecretary for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni, during the session of the 44th World Heritage Committee meeting in Fuzhou, China, which confirmed the registration for the city of Bologna and its arcades among the World Heritage sites. Italy confirms itself every day as the richest place of beauty in the world.

Among the reasons: “an identifying element of the city of Bologna, both by the community and by visitors, and they are a reference point for a sustainable urban lifestyle, in which religious and civil spaces and the homes of all social classes are perfectly integrated “.

What are the “representative” traits?

For the World Heritage application process, only 12 representative stretches of all 62 kilometers were submitted.

Here they are: arcaded street of Santa Caterina, piazza Santo Stefano, arcades of Baraccano, arcaded street of Galliera, commercial arcades of the Pavaglione and piazza Maggiore, devotional portico of San Luca, academic arcades of via Zamboni, arcades of piazza Cavour and via Farini , portico of the Certosa, porticoed building of the Barca district, triumphal porticoes of Strada Maggiore, porticoed building of the MamBo.

Photo by Vanni Lazzari. Join Travelling in Italy (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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