Sending Guest Post on Tourism, Travel, Food, Enogastronomy to Viaggiando Italia

Our staff evaluates the publication of Guest Post in italian and in english language. Send us your Guest Post in order to take advantage of the popularity of our tourist magazine. Suggest a topic, a tourist destination or an event in your city or region. Send us your Guest Post and our staff will evaluate your article.

What features must the Guest Post have?

  • The article has to have the topic of travel, tourism, food and gastronomy.
  • We can publish only articles that are NOT clearly commercial or sponsored;
  • The length must be between 500 and 800 words;
  • The article must be original and not present on other sites or blogs;
  • The text must be grammatically correct, of quality and in an attractive form;
  • The article must be accompanied by at least one photo free of copyright.

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