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Abruzzo, Italy. Do you know Pacentro, the medieval village with its wonderful “intrigue of alleyways”?

Pacentro is a well-known and charming village in the Majella National Park, Abruzzo.

Approaching the town, Pacentro presents itself from a distance with the Castle of Cantelmo – Caldora and its square towers. The Castle is an ancient fortification on the slopes of Mount Morrone which was built to protect the village and the Peligna valley.

The castle dominates the village from above, an intricate succession of houses and roofs to the top of the hill.

The legend attributes to Pacinus, the foundation of the town: the Trojan hero, after leaving Aeneas on the banks of the Tiber would have gone to Sannio and had reached the foot of Mount Morrone, would have founded Pacentro.

Recently Pacentro became famous for having given birth to the family of one of the pop stars of our time: the singer Madonna, in which the family lived before emigrating to the United States.

The places to visit inside the village are: The square, the church and an intrigue of alleys, The Castle of Pacentro, La Grotta and the cave paintings of Colle Nusca

The characteristic events in Pacentro are: Historical re-enactment “I Cadoreschi nell’Anno del Signore 1450” (The Cadoreschi in the Year of the Lord 1450), the “Corsa degli zingari” (The “Race of the Gypsies”)

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