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Abruzzo. Modernity and the avant-garde of the Flaiano Bridge in Pescara

The Ennio Flaiano bridge is a bridge for cycle-pedestrian and vehicular transit on wheels located in the city of Pescara that crosses the two banks of the Aterno-Pescara river connecting via Gran Sasso with the Camuzzi Tower complex and the “Pescara Portanuova” junction. The author of the work is Enzo Siviero. The bridge was named after Ennio Flaiano, one of the most famous characters of the whole Adriatic capital and of Abruzzo.

The bridge was inaugurated on 15 June 2017 and is a crucial work for the usability of traffic. The project dates back to 2007; it was built in 27 months. The bridge is 28 meters wide, 85 meters long, and the yard is 58 meters high. The name “Flaiano” was chosen following the first proposed denomination by the Flaiano elementary school students. On the flagpole is engraved a phrase proper to the writer who says: “With his feet strongly resting on the clouds”. The engraving was made by Massimo Aceto, sculptor of Lettomanoppello using a stone from the Majella massif.

Photo by Del Ry Mirco. Join the Viaggiando Abruzzo (official group) group to see more photos and send yours.

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