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Marche. Have you already visited the village of Frontino with the Civic Tower from the 1300s and the Monumental Fountain?

Just over 300 people live in the village of Frontino, the smallest in the province of Pesaro Urbino. Frontino is also one of the smallest countries in Italy. It is a village set among green woods that give it incredible air quality and stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the valley of the Mutino stream, at about 520 meters above sea level.

What will make you fall in love with this place is the fact that it has remained very similar to the medieval period, with still the high walls and the typical structure of streets, alleys and squares often adorned with balconies full of plants and flowers, with pebble floor, all very nice. In the village of Frontino is the silence that is the master and the wind that is like music when through the branches of ancient oaks, making this place perfect for a relaxing holiday. To visit, in the historic center, the museum dedicated to the artist Franco Assetto, author of the splendid monumental fountain and the Torre Civica dated 1300.

Photo by Flickr Travel Routard. Join the Viaggiando Italia (official group) group to see more photos and to send yours.

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