Art. Giorgio Morandi and his “Oggetti d’autore”, an interesting tribute to the artist

Giorgio Morandi and a collection dedicated to him signed by the designer Paolo Castelli in collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei.

It is called “Oggetti d’autore: Omaggio a Morandi”, that is a collection of objects that refers to those still present and visible at Casa Morandi (where the artist lived between 1910 and 1964) and the place where Morandi created those chromatic and formal elements that were the basis of his artistic research.

The collection contains objects that are dressed in art and color to give a new value to interior decoration.

“Morandi’s vases, his bottles, his bowls, but also his furnishings such as the bed and the easel – explains the curator of the Morandi Museum, Alessia Masi – rise to muses that inspire the most original and creative reworkings in a contemporary key , giving life to creations with a strongly handcrafted flavor that enhance shapes and colors, combining aesthetics and ethics “. “These objects – adds Paolo Castelli – are born after my visit to the Master’s house, where I was overwhelmed by an unusual emotion. The objects created are a 3D of his life, I hope they will be welcomed into homes as traces that can bring people closer to his works “.

The “Oggetti d’Autore: Omaggio a Morandi” collection can be purchased online through the Artmest platform which is dedicated to high-end design products.

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