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Parks in Italy. Have you ever visited the Camosciara? It is as if you were in the Amazon, but it is in Abruzzo

Visiting the area of Majella and the National Park of Abruzzo Molise and Lazio, just past the village of Barrea with its beautiful lake, you really can not miss a visit to the famous Camosciara.

“La Camosciara is the most famous and well-known part of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, its fulcrum is the spectacular natural amphitheater which, with its jagged peaks and ridges of white and gray dolomites, is very similar in structure and in the appearance of the alpine Dolomite mountains”. (from

From the parking area (need a fee) you can reach the waterfall on foot, by bike or on a tourist train. But perhaps the most interesting and also the most respectful of nature is the use of horses and carriages (on this, you can contact the La Camosciara stables). After the first stretch during which you can admire different species of trees and flowers (all cataloged), you will begin to skirt a stream that acquires, after each loop, different colors based on the surrounding vegetation and rays that filter between branches and leaves.

You will notice that, rising in altitude, the vegetation begins to change and the environment becomes more humid, as in a rain forest, until you arrive in a clearing (the same where the train stops as I said before) with a small bar and bathrooms.

From here starts an easy path that in a few minutes will bring you in front of the first of the two waterfalls where you can take a souvenir photo. Continuing a few minutes you will still arrive at the second waterfall which is also the end of the trail.

I suggest you to visit this area in spring when the temperatures are already pleasant but not yet very high and when you can see the two waterfalls at the height of their water flow due to the melting snow on the top of the surrounding mountains.

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