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Castle of Roccascalegna: the right place for an authentic medieval experience in Abruzzo

There are places in Abruzzo that more than others allow you to have an experience that goes far beyond space to flow into time and history. We could mention the archaeological site of Alba Fucens (recently the subject of the television broadcast conducted by Alberto Angela) or the citadel of Juvanum, the castle of Calascio">Rocca Calascio (where the film Lady Hawke and the Nome della Rosa was set) or, as in this chance, the wonderful Castle of Roccascalegna, one of the most surreal of Italy, also perfect set of the film Il Racconto dei Racconti by the director Matteo Garrone. So if you want to live a medieval experience, visiting places, overlooking timeless panoramas, there is no better place than the Roccascalegna Castle. Photo of Lyon Corso. You too can join the group Viaggiando Abruzzo (gruppo ufficiale) to see more photos and to send yours.

Roberto De Ficis

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