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Abruzzo. Have you ever been in Campo di Giove, the village perched between peaks and gorges?

The village of Campo di Giove is known as a tourist destination throughout the year, thanks to the ski facilities and ski slopes and to the possibility of hiking and walking in a context immersed in forests of beech, maple, oak, pine, birch and of fantastic scenarios to be discovered.
Campo di Giove is located within the Majella National Park which presents lush secular beech trees, incredible fragrant forests crossed by flat paths where you can go for walks, go horseback riding, mountain biking, or take guided hikes in the park.

What to see in Campo di Giove?

Certainly the historic center of the Borgo with historic buildings such as Casa Quaranta, Palazzo delle Logge, Palazzo Nanni, Palazzo Ricciardi and churches like that of Sant’Eustachio, San Rocco and the country church of San Matteo.

What to taste in Campo di Giove?

The traditional cuisine of Campo di Giove has mostly hot food, typical of mountain areas, so traditional soups and polenta are the dishes that you can mostly enjoy as well as fiadone: a typical Abruzzese dish is consumed throughout the year and, in particular, during the Easter period. Photo by Rosy Coppola

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