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Abruzzo. Palmoli, a rare example of ‘Romantic-Agricultural Art’. Will it be to say “I love you” to Nature?

Well, we do not know the real reason why this giant heart was designed in the middle of a field near the wonderful village of Palmoli. For this reason, we like to imagine that it is a proposal for marriage, engagement, or a simple love for Nature that gives us so much every day, as if it were a sign of gratitude.

Well, there are too many marriage proposals, so let us hope that this heart was made as a gift to Nature itself, unconditionally and in total freedom. The photo was made by Emma Archer Artist and reported by Attilio Mauri from Palmoli. You can join the group Viaggiando Abruzzo (gruppo ufficiale) to see more photos and to send yours.

Roberto De Ficis

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