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Abruzzo. Punta Penna beach: even with the black clouds it remains so fascinating that it looks like a Kubrick’s movie

“Le previsioni danno nuvole nere, stormi di temporali in arrivo.
Io sono pronto ad ogni evenienza. Ad ogni nuova partenza”, sang Franco Battiato from the song “Splendide previsioni” [L’imboscata, 1996].

Strong is the man who remains calm even in front of those that, at first sight, may seem difficult periods. The black sky above the Punta Penna beach promises imminent rain, but it seems that the beach remains blissfully in peace, knowing well that the rain is nothing but the way that nature has chosen to give the earth, the animals and the plants.

Very unusual colors for this beach that has accustomed us to the sun. Strong colors that remind us of Stanley Kubrick‘s film locations.

Photo by Paolo Guidone.

Roberto De Ficis (Instagram: qui, Facebook: qui)

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