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Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino chooses Abruzzo region in Italy for his new movie

Abruzzo is not new to be chosen as a film location: the famous Castle of Calascio">Rocca Calascio was one of the most suggestive settings of the movie Ladyhawke, directed by Richard Donner with Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick. The area of the city of L’Aquila gave welcome to George Clooney for the movie The American. Recently the Castle of Roccascalegna was used as the opening scene for the film “I racconto dei racconti” directed by Matteo Garrone.

Abruzzo is still a location for great films

It is a recent news that the Abruzzo region was chosen by the Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino to record some scenes of his new film The new Pope (the sequel of The Young Pope) which will be played by John Gavin Malkovich and Jude Law.

Reliable news, but not yet confirmed, tells us that among the locations has been chosen the Hermitage of Santo Spirito a Majella (one of the many referable to Celestino V, the “Pope of Reject”), near Roccamorice and Caramanico Terme.

Of course, it will be a new and important showcase for Abruzzo in the world that will highlight how this region can count on different aspects of tourist appeal. Not only sea and mountains, food and gastronomy, but also religious tourism which is often a reason to prefer a tourist destination rather than another.

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