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3 Surreal Places in Abruzzo that we recommend you visit and that will surprise you

Abruzzo is a varied region that manages to offer particular places and different sensations. Not only sea and mountains or typical food, but also particular and, at times, surreal places that will certainly leave you speechless. In this short article we present 3 surreal places that we recommend you visit during a holiday in Abruzzo.

The Sources of the River Lavino

The Lavino sulphurous water park takes its name from the river that crosses it. The sulphurous waters of the Lavino are a palette of colors ranging from blue, emerald and turquoise that give the whole environment an aura of dreams and paradisiacal scenarios. The river originates in the Vallone di Santo Spirito in the Maiella mountain range and through Scafa joins the Pescara river. In the park there is also an ancient mill that can be reached with a simple walk / Discover more

Foto di Annamaria Toro

The Grotta Scura (Dark Grotto) in Bolognano

Come fare per visitare la Grotta Scura l'Antica Caverna del periodo Neolitico? Dove partire, costi e info utili
Photo Roberto De Ficis

The Grotta Scura (Dark Grotto) you will be able to discover important evidence of the Neolithic period. This cave can be considered as a “fossil river”, that is a cavity generated by the ancient flow of water with signs of both human presence and cave animals.

The Grotta Scura overlooks an incredible canyon that was dug by the Orta river during millions of years characterized by imposing vertical walls on which it is possible to see several other caves / Discover more

Ghost Village of Buonanotte

Foto di Pina Mancini

Today this village is completely abandoned but still clinging to a rock in the heart of Abruzzo. Thus in this village the legend is charged with abandonment, and entering at Buonanotte is like crossing a sacred threshold and entering a timeless dimension.

The hidden steps, which are not very curious to souls, are covered with dense vegetation. Beyond the greenery, the mind does nothing but wander among the mystery and magic of the ancient legend, while walking among houses that seem to have never been abandoned. / Discover more

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