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How to visit the Grotta Scura (Dark Cave) the Ancient Cave of the Neolithic period? Where to go, costs and useful info

Visiting the Grotta Scura (Dark Cave) you will be able to discover important evidence of the Neolithic period. This cave can be considered as a “fossil river”, that is a cavity generated by the ancient flow of water with signs of both human presence and cave animals.

The Grotta Scura overlooks an incredible canyon that was dug by the Orta river during millions of years characterized by imposing vertical walls on which it is possible to see several other caves.

Where is the Grotta Scura located?

The Grotta Scura – with regional and national importance – is located in the territory of Bolognano in the province of Pescara, no more than 2 kilometers outside the town.

How to visit the Grotta Scura?

The path that takes you to the dark cave is very simple. From the road in Madonna del Monte where you can park easily (here are the GPS coordinates of the car park), you have to follow the coded path which, through a descent (50 meters in altitude) where you need to be careful and in about ten minutes, he will accompany you to the cave. The return is made on the same road.

How much does it cost to visit the Grotta Scura?

Access to the first meters of the Grotta Scura is free and does not require any type of payment. In order to visit the deepest part beyond a gate (where the helmet and the light are mandatory) it is necessary to participate in a guided tour organized by the staff of the Maiella national park. You can get information and costs at this link, or visit the info point in the town of Bolognano.

What do we recommend you take with you?

For the visit, we recommend that you bring hiking shoes, water, layered clothing, a waterproof jacket, as well as a camera and binoculars.

Photo by Roberto De Ficis for Viaggiando Italia. Join Travelling in Italy (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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