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Dolce Vita train. Here are all the itineraries of the Orient Express in Italy: dream journeys in the Italian heart

The Dolce Vita train promises to make passengers enjoy the charm of the territory, but also the exclusivity on board with the elegant design of the carriages, the deluxe cabins, the catering prepared by great chefs and the dedicated staff to offer luxury services.

The maiden voyage, which took place in these days, gave a taste of the actual service that will start in January 2023. There will be five trains with 10 routes and 14 regions crossed, with 128 cities touched and 126 thousand km to travel.

These are the numbers of the slow tourism project that will involve all of Italy, from North to South, including cities of art, symbolic places of Italian tourism as well as small and wonderful villages.

Here are all the itineraries of the Dolce Vita Train, the Orient Express in Italy:

1 – The Train of the Alps

The Train of the Alps, along the Vie dell’Amarone, from Milan to Cortina through the Via del Brennero and the Vie dell’Amarone / Discover more

2 – The Truffle and Wine Train

The Truffle and Wine Train, food and wine itinerary from the barbaresco to the Alba truffle, up to the Ligurian Riviera / Discover more


3 – The villages of Val D’Orcia and the Tuscan Maremma

The villages of Val D’Orcia and the Tuscan Maremma, from Rome to Rome through the historic railway Asciano Monte Antico, Val D’Orcia and Tirrenica / Discover more

4 – The Via Transiberiana and the Sassi of Matera

The Via Transiberiana and the Sassi of Matera, from the Capital to the City of the Sassi, through the Trans-Siberian of Italy (Abruzzo and Molise) and the Gargano railway (Puglia) / Discover more

5 – The Triangle of Trapani

The Triangle of Trapani, Western Sicily along the Palermo – Trapani railway line (via Milo)

6 – Sicilia da Bere

Sicilia da Bere, a journey between culture, taste and smell, an oenological itinerary from Western Sicily to Eastern Sicily /  Discover more

7 – Baroque Sicily

Baroque Sicily, itinerary along the internal road to discover the beauties of Sicilian Baroque / Discover more

8 – The Route of the Sirens

The Route of the Sirens, from the Costa Lucana to Calabria along the Ionian Coast, through the highest railway station in Europe

9 – Salento and the City of Sassi

Salento and the City of Sassi, from Bari to Bari along the Southern railway, between the Lecce Baroque and the Sassi of Matera

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