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Routes of the Dolce Vita Train (Orient Express). 7 / Baroque Sicily to discover the beauties of Sicilian Baroque

A journey that winds along the internal streets of the island. Departure from Palermo for Enna, “the navel of Sicily”, particularly famous for its castle, the Temple of Ceres and the Cathedral. The journey continues along the Wine Roads, passing through Bivio Castelbuono and Bicocca.

Discover all the itineraries of the Dolce Vita Train (Orient-Express) in Italy

Arrived on the Sicilian east coast, after a stop in the fascinating city of Syracuse, with its island of Ortigia, we leave for Noto to finally arrive in Modica, a UNESCO heritage site for its splendid churches. The highest expression of Sicilian Baroque comes out completely with the monuments and churches of Ragusa Ibla, the ancient historic center of the city of Ragusa.

Traveling along the southwestern coast, you go up to the Valle dei Templi, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The trip will end with the return to Palermo.

Discover all the itineraries of the Dolce Vita Train (Orient-Express) in Italy

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