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The “Dolce Vita” Train, the Orient-Express passes through ABRUZZO, it is the first time in history. Find out when and where

The Dolce Vita Train. We are pleased to publish a press release that appeared on the official page of FondazioneFs and which will certainly interest train travel, Abruzzo and slow travel enthusiasts. Here is the press release:

“On Sunday 11 July 2021 the cars of the Orient Express, the legendary train of the 1920s, will leave Rome for Sulmona and Roccaraso, along the Ferrovia dei Parchi.

The initiative was born from the collaboration between Arsenale S.p.A. and Trenitalia. The train, consisting of three dining cars and three coach carriages, including a saloon bar, will depart from Roma Termini station at 7.45 am from platform 22 with the E656.023 locomotive of the FS Foundation at its head. The convoy will touch the stations of Guidonia-Montecelio Sant’Angelo (8.18) and Tagliacozzo (9.25) and then arrive in Sulmona at 10.45.
From Sulmona it will continue towards Roccaraso for a dedicated promotional trip, in an unprecedented double drive, with arrival scheduled at 13.10.
The Orient Express will then leave for Roma Termini at 16.08 from Roccaraso to reach its destination at 21.00, stopping in the stations of Collarmele (at 18.29) and Roviano (at 19.37).
On this occasion, tourists and enthusiasts will be able to photograph the transit and stop in the various stations of one of the most famous and elegant trains in the world for the first time in history in Abruzzo “.
It should be noted that this is not a trip open to the public but only a passage of the train that can be admired and taken photos during the stops.
Photo by FondazioneFS. Join Viaggiando Italia (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.
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