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Milan. How to visit the Sforzesco Castle? Timetables, prices and how to book

The Sforzesco Castle is a large fortified complex located in Milan just outside the historic city center. It was built in the fifteenth century by Francesco Sforza, who recently became Duke of Milan, on the remains of a previous medieval fortification of the fourteenth century known as the Castello di Porta Giovia. For more information see this link.

Days and opening hours

It is possible to visit the courtyards of the castle with free admission from 7 to 19.30. The museums of the Sforzesco Castle can be visited instead from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5.30 pm (last admission at 5 pm). Admission will be limited. Online booking is recommended, which allows you to choose the desired entry time slot.

Ticket prices

To visit the museums of the Castello Sforzesco, ticket prices are 5 € for the full ticket and 3 € for the reduced one.

Subscriptions, reductions and free tickets

Tourist Museum Card (valid for 3 days) € 12.00
Lombardy Milan Museums Pass (valid for one year) € 45.00 (from 27 to 64 years), € 20.00 (6-14 years), € 30.00 (15-26 years), € 35.00 (over 65 years)

How to book

You can easily buy your ticket and book your visit by visiting this link.

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