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Do you know that the Apennine Wolf is the national animal of Italy?

What is the national animal of Italy? Many nations have one or more national representative animals, which are very often used in national symbols and allegories. Sometimes these animals are typical of the natural environment of the country they symbolize; other times, instead (as happens in numerous cases with the lion for example), they are linked to heraldic symbols.

What is the national animal of Italy?

The wolf is the national animal of Italy. This animal belongs to the family of canidae, together with animals such as dogs, jackals and dingoes. In the genus canis, which the national animal of Italy belongs, the wolf is the most specialized member. Italy’s national animal is a social animal, travelling in groups lead by a helpmate pair. The wolf is a very aggressive animal, attacking people’s livestock. This has put them on a war path with human beings.

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