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Sweeties from Abruzzo. Mostacciolo of Scanno and Sfogliatella of Villalfonsina. Which one can’t you resist?


We hope that this article does not trigger a funny “call to arms” between the two villages of Abruzzo. We know that every village is proud of its typical products and woe to those who touch them! But we like to put in challenge (in a funny way) two sweeties that have reached a high level of fame and pleasantness by tourists who come to visit Abruzzo. They are two sweeties quite different in preparation and taste, but both are a source of pride for the villages in which they are prepared. Let’s talk about the Mostacciolo of Scanno and the Sfogliatella of Villalfonsina. The typical sweet mostacciolo is based on mosto cotto (cooked must) and almonds, frosted on the surface and the sfogliatella made with puff pastry that can be filled with different flavors such as cream, jam or Nutella. Without thinking about the calories that every mostacciolo or sfogliatella brings with, which do you prefer? Which one can’t you resist?

Roberto De Ficis


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