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Have you already admired the sunrise between the Casoni of the Comacchio Valleys? An Experience of Incredible Beauty / Video

The Comacchio Valleys are a protected wetland area (about 11,000 hectares of surface) characterized by brackish and salty water. They appear as a vast lagoon, divided from the Adriatic Sea by a coastal strip, located south of the Po Delta, between the town of Comacchio and the Reno river.

Over the centuries, the locals built rustic houses and huts, used both for fishing and as a stalking place to control poaching fishermen. These casoni and tabarre were originally built with reeds and straw and, starting from the seventeenth century, they were rebuilt in masonry and with more rooms.

Today, following a careful restoration, few examples survive in masonry of stalking huts in the area of Foce, Coccalino, Donnabona and two fishing houses, the Pegoraro and the Serilla casone. It is also possible to see a traditional weir, that is a plant that, through a series of communicating basins, allows to separate, during the capture, the eel from the other types of fish. (taken from

Photo by Francesco-1978. Join Travelling in Italy (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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