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Have you already admired the village of Cineto Romano from this panoramic point? Here are the GPS coordinates

There is a panoramic point that we recommend you to reach during a visit to the pretty village of Cineto Romano, in Lazio. From here you can admire the historic center of the town, from the roofs to the Baronial Castle.

It is not difficult to get there. In fact, from the main square of the town (Piazza San Giovanni) you can take a staircase that starts to the left of the church of San Giovanni Battista and you will find yourself a few meters from the viewpoint. Alternatively, you can reach it by car along the external road Via Delle Robinie, which starts in the same way from the main square. We leave you the link for the gps point.

From here, after taking the souvenir photos, we recommend that you visit the small but interesting Municipal Antiquarium (read some more information here), a museum where finds from the Aequi and Roman civilizations are preserved.

Photo by Roberto De Ficis. Join Travelling to Italy (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

Below is the photo in its original sizes

Hai già ammirato il borgo di Cineto Romano da questo punto panoramico? Ecco le coordinate GPS
Photo Roberto De Ficis

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