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Have you already crossed the Vagli Tibetan Bridge overlooking the lake? How much does it cost and how to do it

The Tibetan Bridge that connects the two shores of Lake Vagli with a ten-meter glass walkway is located between the peaks of Monte Tambura and Monte Pisanino and is anchored to the ground thanks to a series of steel tie rods that support it and keep it in place. equilibrium.

Crossing this Tibetan bridge will allow you to have a splendid view of the breathtaking panorama that you have all around, as well as of the underlying Lake that you can admire precisely through the transparent plates.

How much does it cost to cross the Vagli Tibetan bridge?

To cross the Tibetan bridge over Lake Vagli, it is necessary to pay 2 euros directly at the automatic cash desks located at the entrance to the promenade.

Is it also suitable for people with motor disabilities?

The Tibetan bridge over Lake Vagli can also be traveled by people with motor disabilities who can use the entrance dedicated to them which is located in front of the bridge.

Photo by Social Media Mammager. For more information visit the website

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