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Do you ever visited Nortosce, Italy, the village with only 2 inhabitants near Perugia in Umbria?

Nortosce is a fraction of the municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto of 2 inhabitants (source ansa 2020) within the province of Perugia, Umbria. Mountain guard post on the hill attached to the castle of Rocchetta (another fraction of the municipality of Cerreto di Spoleto), built in the century. XIII, at an altitude of mt. 851 above sea level, on a ridge overlooking the Valle del Corno, around the parish church, its front churchyard and the guardhouse.

Monuments and places of art

  • The parish church of San Pietro, renovated in the 1500s, preserves traces of the smaller original fourteenth-century structure, built at a slightly lower level. Externally it has a typical gabled façade and bell tower, while the interior is decorated with some baroque altars and votive canvases dating back to the 13th century. XVII and XVIII.
  • Source of Peneje, from Roman times.
  • Campo Santo located a little further upstream from the small inhabited center.


  • 29 June: Patronal feast (San Pietro).
  • September 15: in Nortosce we celebrate Santa Maria Addolorata (Mater Dolorosa) whose feast falls on
  • September 15; to keep the tradition alive, on the first Sunday after August 15th, the statue of Mary, kept inside the parish church of San Pietro, is paraded through the streets of the town.

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