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Do you know the Petriolo Free Spas already attended in Roman times?

Are you a lover of spas and relax that they give you? Well, then you should visit the Terme di Petriolo (also called Bagni di Petriolo) located in the Ombrone Valley, in Tuscany, along the course of the Farma river, between the two municipalities of Monticiano and Civitella Paganico, among the provinces of Siena and Grosseto.

Those of Petriolo are very ancient spas, they were already known in the Roman times and this is attested both in a prayer of Cicero and in an epigram of Marziale even if the name dates back to the thirteenth century. In addition, remains of both Etruscan and Roman times have been found near the Baths.

What are the characteristics of the Petriolo Spa?

These spas, along a stretch of the Farma river, have waters that flow at a constant temperature of 43 ° C and are characterized by the presence of hydrogen sulfide, with a sulphurometric concentration of 21 milligrams per liter. Free carbon dioxide, calcium, fluorine and chloride, sulphate and hydrogen carbonate ions are also present. The presence of these substances means that these waters are classified as sulfhydric, salso-sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline earth-hyperthermal.

How can you use these spas?

The thermal springs of Petriolo are available for free and with payment in the well-equipped spas with associated hotel facilities.

Photo © Raimond Spekking, via Wikimedia Commons

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