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How to relax in the Bullicame Spa? Hours, Costs and what you need to know

The Bullicame is a source of hot sulphurous water (about 58 ° C), located just outside Viterbo, west of the historic city center and near the airport. The Bullicame is the best known of the many thermal and hypothermal springs fed by the large hydrothermal basin of Viterbo, together with the other springs, Carletti, San Sisto; Bagnaccio, Zitelle, Piazza d’Armi, and many others.

There are two different pools to immerse yourself in the thermal waters, one with a smaller circular shape and another, larger, with an elongated shape. Both pools are accessible and it is possible to swim and the deep natural crater is protected by a transparent fence.

What are the healing properties?

The thermal waters of Bullicame are indicated for the treatment of both respiratory, motor and female gynecological diseases and useful for reactivating lymphatic and venous circulation, as well as for the treatment of some chronic epithelial diseases.

How much does the access to the Terme del Bullicame cost?

The entrance to the thermal bath and its use is completely free. but we remind you that there are no services in the area.

At what times?

The Terme del Bullicame can be used free of charge every day until 5 pm (in summer they are open until 6 pm)

How to get to the spa?

The Bulicame thermal spring is located within the Bullicame thermal park about 300 meters from where the Tuscanse road crosses the Terme road and about 2 and a half kilometers from Viterbo. You can get there by car, or using public transport as the bus stop is only 200 meters away.

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