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Do you know which are the 6 Paths that allow you to enjoy the Marmore Falls?

It is possible to discover all the beauty of the Marmore Falls through 6 different paths that develop both in the valleys and on the hills. Each of these has certain characteristics and peculiarities. From those most suitable for children and elderly people to those for more trained people and adventurers.

Have you already visited the Marmore Falls? Timetables, cost and useful information (video)

  • Path 1. Path n.1 is one of the historical paths of the waterfall. Until a few years ago it was used by residents to reach the town of Marmore, as it allows the connection between the lower Belvedere and the upper Belvedere (the only one among the 5 trails in the area). Its construction, carried out using the excavation of the Paolino canal, dates back to the second half of the 18th century. (more…)
  • Path 2. Path n.2 (like n. 3 particularly suitable for children due to the suggestions they feel) allows the visitor to get in close contact with the waterfall. The roar of the water and the unspoiled nature make it one of the most exciting, while near the starting point it is possible to admire one of the approximately 300 natural caves in the area. (more…)
  • Path 3. Path n.3 is a place of excellence to admire the canyons carved into the rock by the waters of the Nera river. You can also admire the evolutions of canoe and rafting enthusiasts intent on challenging the rapids. On the final panoramic terrace the confluence of the two rivers (Velino and Nera) is visible; from there you realize the extraordinary strength of the waters. (more…)
  • Path 4. Path n.4, called “Pennarossa”, is the tourist path par excellence. For decades, in fact, tourists have photographed the waterfall from the Belvedere of this itinerary, the only one to allow a complete view of the three jumps. It is located on the southern slope of Mount Pennarossa, in front of the travertine cliff of Marmore where the waterfall is formed. Like path 5, it can be walked all year round. The southern exposure, in fact, allows it to be enjoyed even in the cold months, when the others are closed due to frost. (more…)
  • Path 5. Path n.5 was recently built, on the occasion of the consolidation works of the Marmore cliff, after some landslides occurred between the 70s and 80s. These works, in addition to having made the eastern face of the cliff safe, have restored value to numerous testimonies of industrial archeology, including the sockets and collection tanks of the old hydroelectric plant in Spoleto. (more…)
  • Path 6. Path n.6 connects the lower Belvedere to the upper one (and vice versa) but is generally more difficult than path 1, both because it is longer and because of the bumpy and sometimes steep ground. The route is recommended for expert hikers equipped with trekking boots. (more…)

Have you already visited the Marmore Falls? Timetables, cost and useful information (video)

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