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Have you already eaten in the Gallipoli Fish Market? It is truly a unique experience in Salento

The Fish Market is located at the entrance to the ancient village of Gallipoli and is certainly one of the travel experiences to do during a holiday in Salento.

Not only selling quality fish, but also a must for tourists looking for an authentic way to live and breathe the Salento life. If you arrive here early in the morning, you will be able to attend the traditional fish auction during which the best catch is “contested” between restaurateurs and customers with offers, often shouted loudly.

Entering the market will allow you to see fishermen offering passersby fresh mussels, crustaceans, clams and very fresh oysters, open for the occasion in front of your eyes.

When the sun goes down, the fish market becomes a special place to have an aperitif or a fun dinner obviously based on fresh fish still alive and caught in the previous hours.

Get ready for this unique experience in the Gallipoli Fish Market

Maybe you will arrive here after sightseeing or sunbathing on the beach. Hunger is already starting to be felt. Stalls overflowing with fresh, colorful, sparkling fish. Oysters, razor clams, beaten tuna, sea urchins, Gallipoli prawns, accompanied by a very fresh Chardonnay wine.

Certainly these are not five-star restaurants, but authentic fishmongers that have organized themselves for this type of catering.

They are truly unique places of their kind, but you must also be ready for the chaos and turmoil typical of a market, fishermen and vendors who communicate loudly (let’s say they scream :)), seagulls trying to grab their share of food too but also sounds, colors, scents. The Gallipoli Fish Market is all this and even more.

So, if you are a lover of fresh fish and, above all, of travel experiences, you cannot miss a visit to this original place in Salento.

Among the choices of travelers also La Pescheria La Lampara (in the cover photo) where you can have aperitifs, lunches and dinners while enjoying fresh fish both raw and cooked.

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