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How to visit Lake Braies? By bicycle, on foot, by car, shuttle bus and useful tips

Where exactly is Lake Braies located?

Lake Braies is located in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, at an altitude of 1496. Lake Braies is known throughout the world for its breathtaking beauty, for the mountain scenery that is reflected in its waters. they often take on the colors turquoise and emerald.

The whole Braies Valley is a place that attracts many tourists every year, both lovers of walking and cycling.

Due to its uniqueness but also due to recent television dramas set right here, Lake Braies has become very popular so much so that it was decided to establish a limited number with reservations for its use precisely to preserve the ecosystem of this magical place.

Below, we will tell you how to visit this place in full compliance with the rules and the environment you are going to visit. We tell you right away that it will always be possible to reach the lake by bicycle and on foot, but to get there by car and bus, there will be limited parking spaces and on the buses.

How to get to Lake Braies by bike?

Cycling is certainly one of the ways we recommend, both because it is among the most environmentally friendly and because it will allow you to have a more naturalistic impact experience. The Braies valley is crossed by several cycle paths that end or pass right through Lake Braies.

  • You can take the Val Pusteria cycle path as far as Farra and, from here, follow the provincial road number 47. Consider a 45-minute journey from Farra to the lake with an altitude difference of about 300 meters.
  • If you leave from the nearby villages of Villabassa and Monguelfo, you will arrive at the lake in about 30 minutes and a negligible difference in height of about 100 meters.

How to get to Lake Braies on foot?

This is also a way that we recommend for the same reasons as the one on a bicycle. The Braies Valley is full of excellently marked trails immersed in an incredible nature.

  • If you want to do the shorter and simpler route (almost flat, also suitable for children) you can start from the Segheria car park in Farra and follow the Viktor Wolf Edler von Glanvell path that will take you to the lake in just under 5 kilometers.
  • If you really want to walk among these unforgettable scenarios, you can start from the Monguelfo station and, through the passage from Farra, enter the Braies Valley via path no. 2A. From here you will follow path no. 1 (Viktor Wolf Edler von Glanvell, the one in the previous point) to Lake Braies. In this case, you will complete a route of approximately 12.5 kilometers, but still simple enough to do even as a family.

How to get to Lake Braies by shuttle bus?

Using shuttle buses is certainly a more sustainable alternative to cars. In this case, you can start from the municipality of Dobbiaco (using line 442) or from the municipality of Monguelfo (using line 439). Both lines reach Lake Braies. We remind you that shuttle buses must be booked in advance and online.

If you need more information on this mode of transport or to book your ticket, we recommend that you visit this website

Remember that if, when booking the bus ticket, these are sold out, you will not be able to reach the lake using public transport, but you can still get there on foot or by bicycle.

How to get to Lake Braies by car?

It is the modality that we least recommend, both because it is that sustainable hand from an environmental point of view, and because it forces you to set your visit as “hit and run”, certainly not in keeping with the value and beauty of the place you are going to visit .

However, to reach Lake Braies by car, you will have to take the SS49 following the direction for Brunico, and then proceed following the junction for Braies.

Where to park?

The car can be left in one of the various car parks located in the Braies Valley. The one located closest to the lake is P3 where only cars are allowed. The cost of the day ticket is 10 euros and to book and pay for your parking you can connect to the website

We advise you to always check the updated information on institutional sites as these may change after the date of this article.

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