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Have you already visited the Prata waterfall with trekking suitable for everyone, even for children? (watch the video)

Visiting the Prata Waterfalls is truly a very beautiful experience between nature, water and relaxing landscapes. It is a dip of about 50 meters and the waterfall is located in the final part of a not difficult path that will accompany you through chestnut woods and that runs along the Prata river to the waterfall.

How to visit the Prata Waterfall?

We recommend Umito as a starting point, which would be a small fraction belonging to the municipality of Acquasanta Terme. There is a small and convenient car park where you can park your car, the space at the weekend tends to fill up easily.

You start by following a path that runs alongside a farmhouse that is located just below the parking lot and you enter the woods. Following the path is not difficult, you have to follow the signs indicating the number 314.

The whole journey to get to the beautiful Prata Waterfalls is about 7 km and the total difference in height is just over 600 meters. The excursion is also suitable for children over 8 years old. If you want to continue from the Prata waterfall to the Volpara waterfall, you must consider that the path becomes more difficult and requires more training. In both cases, trekking shoes are required (better to reach the ankle), water and a great desire to discover these wonderful scenarios.

Photo by William Battistini. Video by Giuseppe Di Cecco. Join Viaggiando Italia (gruppo ufficiale) to see more photos and to send yours.

Below is the photo in its original format:

Foto di William Battistini
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