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Marmore Falls. Discover Trail 4, “Pennarossa”, the most famous touristic path

In this short article that talks about the Cascate della Marmore, we recommend that you provide more information on path number 4 and plan a visit to this incredibly beautiful place in Italy.

  • Path n.4, called “Pennarossa”, is the tourist path par excellence. For decades, in fact, tourists have photographed the waterfall from the Belvedere of this itinerary, the only one to allow a complete view of the three jumps. It is located on the southern slope of Mount Pennarossa, in front of the travertine cliff of Marmore where the waterfall is formed. Like path 5, it can be walked all year round. The southern exposure, in fact, allows it to be enjoyed even in the cold months, when the others are closed due to frost. (more…)

Discover all the paths that allow you to enjoy the Marmore Falls

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