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[Video] The exact moment in which the pig becomes Ventricina, one of the best cured meats in Italy

How is a ventricina born? Thanks to the video sent by Attilio Mauri from Palmoli we can witness the moment in which a Ventricina is born. In this home-made production, we see how the Ventricina pulps (i.e. the noble pieces of the pork, already cut with a knife at 45 °, therefore not cubed and a little larger than the other varieties, and seasoned with salt, pepper chopped and wild fennel seeds) enter the palmolese bladder.

It is a very delicate operation that is performed by the person who has the most experience in the family since the meat must enter the bladder without leaving air spaces that would compromise its success.

From this moment, the “pallotte” will undergo the drying process, will be massaged with lard, will begin the aging process in the cellar and refinement, before being tasted on the tables of the people form Abruzzo and on those of the many admirers that Ventricina has in Italy and in the world.

Recall that Ventricina has been awarded the title of best salami in Italy several times and is certainly one of the most popular salami at national level. Join Viaggiando Abruzzo (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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