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Have you ever visited Troina, the jewel in the heart of Sicily?

Have you ever visited Troina? The main square of Troina is Piazza Conte Ruggero, located in the highest part of the historic center, from where it is possible to observe Mount Etna, the coast of the Ionian Sea and Mount San Pantheon. On the opposite side the Nebrodi woods and the Sartori lake.

In the square there are three churches (the Cathedral, the Church of the Santissimo Rosario and the Oratorio dei Bianchi) and the town hall. The historic center of Troina develops along via Conte Ruggero, whose path starts from the square of the same name and ends in the south in the Santa Lucia district, and there are the Capitania Tower, the Church and convent of San Francesco. Via Garibaldi is an important artery, a steep uphill road that connects the lower part of Troina with the upper part, that is the Borgo.

What to visit in Troina?

Religious architectures
  • Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo Vecchio, site dating back to 1062
  • Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo Nuovo, site rebuilt in the 18th century. Nearby the ruins of the Catena church, the ancient necropolis and wall remains.
  • Cathedral of Maria Santissima Assunta, dating back to the 11th century
  • Church of the Collegio di Maria Addolorata, built in the 18th century
  • Church of the Rosary, from the 17th century
  • Church of the Holy Savior, 14th century structure
  • Church of the Madonna del Soccorso
  • Church of the Holy Family of Nazareth, 21st century
  • Church of Maria Santissima Immacolata
  • Church of Maria Santissima del Carmelo and convent of the Order, from the 16th century
  • Church of San Biagio, from the 18th century
  • Church and convent of San Francesco, built in 1470, today the seat of the municipal library
  • Church of San Giorgio, former chapel of the monastery of the 14th century Benedictine Order
  • Church of San Giovanni di Dio, Casa dei Fatebenefratelli, remains of the sixteenth century
  • Church of Santa Lucia, from the 15th century
  • Church of San Matteo, from the 15th century
  • Church of San Nicolò alla Piazza, built in the 13th century
  • Church of San Nicolò in Scalforio, 12th century structure
  • Church of San Rocco in Scalforio, from the 18th century
  • Church of San Sebastiano, built in the twentieth century
  • Church of San Silvestro, built in the 17th century
  • Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria XVIII century
  • Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli and convent of the Order of the Capuchin Friars Minor, built in 1570
  • Church of Sant’Agostino and convent of the Order, built in the 16th century on a 14th century layoutOratory of the Whites, dating back to 1088
Civil architectures
  • Casa Calandra, from the 19th century
  • Casa Poeta, from the 14th century
  • Casa Saitta, from 1904
  • Sicilian house, from the 20th century
  • Pintaura Palace, from the 16th century
  • Palazzo Sollima, from the 20th century
  • Palazzo Stazzone, from the 17th century
  • Torre Capitania, XII century structure
Military architectures
  • Norman Castle of Ruggero, a three-towered fortress built in 1061, on a pre-existing building from the 5th century BC.
  • Medieval bridge in the Failla district
  • Walls and Necropolis of Monte Muganà
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