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Italy. How to visit the Monte Gelato waterfalls? Directions and costs

If uou are looking for a fascinating place near Rome to take a nice excursion. Do you want peace and relax? Well, the Monte Gelato Waterfalls may be the place for you.

Between Rome and Viterbo, in the Valley of the Treja river that originates in the Cimini Mountains and crosses Lazio, you can visit these wonderful waterfalls. The Monte Gelato waterfalls are often used as a film set for their magic and particularity. They are a jewel because they are set like diamonds in a wild nature and dense vegetation.

The waterfalls are part of the Treja Valley Regional Park. They appear just like a place where time has stopped, with castles of medieval origin nearby, pristine woods and small and large canyons.

How to get to the Monte Gelato waterfalls?

If you want to visit the Monte Gelato Waterfalls you should follow these directions. Take the Cassia bis Veientana road by car, reaching kilometer 35. From here you have to continue in the direction of Mazzano Romano. Continue for another 4 kilometers and then turn right following the road signs indicated for the Monte Gelato Waterfalls.

How much does it cost to access the Monte Gelato Waterfalls?

Entrance to the waterfall and to the trails is completely free. In the immediate vicinity of the falls there is a car park for which payment may be required, so inquire in advance.

For more information see the official website of the Treja Park. Join Viaggiando Italia (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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