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Typical products of Lazio. Have you already tasted Proceno Red Garlic? Flavor, Perfume and dedicated Festival

How can you recognize Proceno Red Garlic?

Proceno Red Garlic is obviously recognized by the external film which acquires its particular red color. The bulb is usually not very large and the internal bulbils are stocky and short. Proceno Red Garlic is grown exclusively in a well-defined area between the towns of Proceno and Acquapendente. It is said that red garlic was already cultivated by the Etruscan people who used it a lot for its healing, aphrodisiac and stimulating characteristics as well as for its flavor so tasty that it was preferred over onions.

Itinerary in Lazio. A small village with a castle, a flower museum and an ancient Etruscan site

What does it taste like?

Proceno Red Garlic has a characteristic flavor, quite pronounced and spicy with an intense and persistent aroma.

How can you conserve it?

This type of Garlic is one of the best conservable products since it does not require special precautions and can naturally be kept for up to a year in dry and cool places in the house.

What are the ways to consume this Red Garlic?

Surely the best way to appreciate the flavor and aroma of Proceno Red Garlic is to consume it fresh and raw, perhaps as a condiment for toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil.

Its cooked use, on the other hand, is very varied and is the prince of taste in particular preparations of the typical cuisine of this part of Tuscia, such as Lamb with garlic, “lombrichelli” with garlic and bread with garlic butter. .

Are there any festivals where you can taste it?

Since 1980 the Red Garlic Festival has been held every year in Proceno, usually during the month of August.

We like to tell you that even in Abruzzo there is a town famous for its red garlic. Find out here which town it is.

Also remember that …

During a visit to Proceno you will be able to admire its churches, its narrow alleys and squares, Renaissance buildings of great value such as the Sforza palace, as well as the Castle or Rocca di Proceno, which is an articulated system of fortifications created in the 12th century for the purpose of defence. It is a square tower that stands on the top of the ancient village of Proceno, dominating the entire valley and the surrounding area.

The photo of Proceno on the cover is by Maria Lucia Sforza. Join Travelling in Italy (official group) to see more photos, to send yours and to know other stories.

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