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Here are the 5 foods for a top summer in Abruzzo (maybe you will gain weight, but happily)

Summer, time for lunches and dinners with friends, at home or in the garden or in one of the many quality farmhouses that can be found in Abruzzo. There are foods that in Abruzzo culture are very tied to the summer season because they stimulate conviviality and friendship.

Here is a selection (not exhaustive) of the 5 foods for a top summer in Abruzzo:

Ndurciullune with lamb sauce: homemade pasta, similar to seasoned with a very thick sauce made with lamb meat, tasty and caloric.

Brodetto di pesce alla Vastese (fish soup): one of the best known products from the coast of Vasto and the entire Costa dei Trabocchi. This fish soup is made with fish, vegetables and tomato (“mezzotempo” quality is recommended)

In dialet Pane onde e pammadore (Tomato oil bread): slices of homemade bread bought in the ovens in villages, with crispy crust and soft breadcrumbs, juicy tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. To taste with the addition of dried oregano. Do not forget to stick one slice on the other to mix the seasoning well.

Abruzzese Peperonata: as a condiment for meat or fish dishes but also as a single dish, especially when the bread sinks between peppers and oil absorbing the taste, mixed between the sweet and bitter peppers. Also perfect to be enjoyed on the beach before a nap under an umbrella.

Arrosticini: The arrosticini, also called rustell or rustelle in various Abruzzese dialects, are skewers of mutton, typical of the Apennines, in particular of Abruzzese cuisine. They are closely linked to the pastoral tradition of Abruzzo and the consequent consumption of sheepmeat.

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