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Have you already “laid down in the boat” to enter the Blue Grotto? Practical tips and tricks / Video

The Blue Grotto is located on the Island of Capri and is one of the best known and most visited in Italy. Generations of tourists have been fascinated by the cave’s beautiful blue light. Known since the age of Tiberius, but avoided for many centuries due to the superstition that hovered among the locals. Rediscovered only in 1826 thanks to the Polish poet August Kopish and the German painter Ernst Fries.

Surely it is one of the places to visit during a holiday on the island, but it must also be considered that, given the large number of tourists who want to live this experience, it is necessary to know that to enter it may take long waits.

Inside, you will be greeted by an intense blue light that is reflected on the cave walls and it will truly be an unforgettable experience. Light is the effect of sunlight penetrating through some cracks on underwater rocks.

How to visit the Blue Grotto?

If you decide to visit the Blue Grotto, consider that first you need to reach the cave. You can do it by boat starting from Marina Grande in Capri or by bus or taxi (or 45 on foot) from Anacapri and arriving in the parking area just above the cave.

Once you are at sea level you will necessarily have to wait for the passage of a rowing boat which is the only way to enter the cave. The entrance to the cave is less than a meter high and the height becomes even lower along the water corridor to the inside. For this reason, tourists are asked to lie down on the bottom of the rowboat in order to enter the cave without getting hurt.

What do you have to pay for?

To live this experience you have to pay a fee for the accompaniment by boat and one for the entrance to the cave. If you have arrived with a boat from Marina Grande, these rates will be added to the price of the trip.

What is the best time to visit?

Certainly in the morning with a calm sea. The visits are not carried out and are canceled if the sea is rough.

Some advice and suggestions

Especially during the high tourist season it is necessary to arm yourself with patience as well as hats, water and sunscreen as the waiting time to enter the Blue Grotto can also be quite long. Bear in mind that there are often lines of boats that have to enter the cave. The time spent in the Blue Grotto is only a few minutes, but the show will really pay off all the efforts and expectations made.

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