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Sardinia. Do you know Cala Goloritzé beach born from a landslide and with a high pinnacle?

Cala Goloritzé beach can be considered one of the most suggestive of Sardinia declared in 1993 as “natural monument” of the Sardinia Region and since 1995 it is also “Italian national monument”.

Its birth is quite recent since it was the landslide of 1962 that created it. Cala Goloritzé beach is also famous for the presence of its high rock pinnacle (143 meters high) often used for sport climbing activities. Among the marked climbing routes, the best known is the one opened by climbers Manolo and Alessandro Gogna and which is called Sinfonia dei Mulini a Vento.

This beach of white pebbles and sand is also characterized by the presence on the right side of the bay of a beautiful natural arch and by a source of fresh water hidden among the rocks that laugh on the beach and which flows into the sea.

How to reach Cala Goloritzé

Cala Goloritzé can be reached by sea or by following a path (not easy) that starts from the Golgo plateau and goes down to the cove. The difference in height is 470 meters and a walk of about an hour and a half is required. To reach Cala Goloritzé by sea there are transport and boat rental services available in the ports of Arbatax and Santa Maria Navarrese.

Also, to remember

To preserve the beach of Cala Goloritzé from excessive pollution and by numerous tourists, during the summer season, the coast is closed to traffic by motor boats which can reach a maximum of 200 meters from the coast, therefore landing will not be possible.

Image by Dorisworld from Pixabay

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