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Italy. The 20 most beautiful Italian islands to visit in 2020

Italy is the custodian of wonderful islands for all tastes both with relaxing and immaculate beaches and cliffs overlooking the sea. Among the more than 800 islands (read here) that belong to the Italian territory below is a list of the 20 most beautiful Italian islands to visit in 2020.

  1. Sardinia
  2. Asinara
  3. Archipelago of Maddalena
  4. Tavolara
  5. Sant’Antioco and San Pietro Island
  6. Sicily
  7. Favignana
  8. Aeolian Islands
  9. Elba island
  10. Capri
  11. Ischia
  12. Procida
  13. Palmaria island
  14. Murano
  15. Burano
  16. Pantelleria
  17. Lampedusa
  18. Tremiti Islands
  19. Pontine Islands: Ponza and Ventotene
  20. Montecristo island

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